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Is the concept of Lucifer’s flood Biblical?


There is a lot to learn from the Genesis account in the Bible. However there seems to be a cluster of people who suggest that God has been keeping information from us and have come up with rather flimsy reasoning and pathetic exegesis upon which a lot of Christian doctrine does make an enormous frown. The first concept is the concept of Lucifer’s flood.

There have been attempts by some Christians to reinvent the Genesis account of the creation in order to make it compatible with the theories of modern geology and evolution. Of these attempts, there are three that are most popular: theistic evolution, progressive creation, and the gap theory, from which the term Lucifer’s flood, also known as the Luciferian flood, is derived. There is only one reason why Christians attempt to compromise God’s Word in this manner—they have accepted the claims of modern geologists and evolutionists that the earth is millions, if not billions, of years old, and they look for ways to squeeze these unfounded millions of years into the Genesis account.

Basically, the gap theory, which for some incorporates the so-called Lucifer’s flood, teaches that many millions of years ago God created a perfect heaven and earth (Genesis 1:1). At that time, Satan was ruler of the earth, which was inhabited by a race of men without any souls. Satan rebelled, and sin entered the universe after Satan’s rebellion and fall from heaven and brought God’s judgment in the form of a flood named for him—Lucifer’s flood. All the plant, animal and human fossils upon the earth today were caused by this flood and do not bear any genetic relationship with the plants, animals and humans living today. This flood is said to have occurred between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, and it was this Luciferian flood that reduced the world to a state described as “without form and void” in Genesis 1:2.

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