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NY Times: Mega Churches Adding Pet Ministries and Pet Bible study.

The next time you go to a mega church, you will not be seated alone.  Well to be more inclusive and increase numbers of attendants more novel methods are being employed. You see, you can now tag along your neighbour’s chihuahua and hamster to church if you want to. I kid you not.

In a society obsessed with pet dogs, cats, rodents, fish and reptiles, it only follows that churches should open their doors to Fido.

“As a boy in San Antonio, Paul Flotron helped his family raise miniature schnauzers,” writes Mark Oppenheimer in the New York Times. By age 10, he had accumulated a menagerie of “dwarf crocodiles, African pancake tortoises, birds, boa constrictors, hermit crabs, fish, and always dogs.

“Today, Flotron runs Creature Comforts Great and Small, a St. Louis pet-care business, and leads Noah’s Ark, a pet ministry of Grace Church, a large nondenominational Protestant church. Noah’s Ark runs a pet-food drive, supports a no-kill rescue, brings pets to visit the sick and infirm, and hosts a grief group for those who have lost a pet,” reports Oppenheimer:

“We actually have Bible study and discuss passages that are animal related,” Mr. Flotron said. “We make that our foundation.”

In a culture obsessed with dogs, dog whisperers and domestic pets of all kinds, religious groups are paying attention, too. Many megachurches, where members often meet in smaller affinity groups, are sponsoring groups for pet lovers…”

 I have never known church to be a gathering place for animals to have bible study. Why don’t these churches just cut to the chase and stop reading from the bible and instead read Shakespeare or Mark Twain to the animals?

Better still they could run exciting cartoons like Sponge Bob and Scooby Doo mysteries  in these social clubs they call church. These animals have got feelings you know. Don’t they? 😉

Surely pagans and atheists must be rolling on the floor in laughter at the name of Christ. Dog-matise the dogs and cat-echise the cats? This is as shameful as it gets.


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