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Pastor Ed Young out does Pastor Mark Driscoll with new book as he plans to stream himself from church roof (in bed)

Well there’s never a quiet day in Evangelicalism. There are fads and there are fads. When Mark Driscoll unleashed a book (some say a Christian’s sex manual) many conservative Christians frowned. Should a pastor be opening his bed room doors and dealing with private issues in a public forum? Well even before Mark could begin his sermon series (on his book) some one else decided to go a little further. You see pastor Ed Young never does things quietly.

Ed and Lisa Young, founders of Texas-based Fellowship Church, will spend 24 hours in bed on the church roof next week and stream themselves live on the Internet to encourage married couples to see firsthand the power of a healthy sex life as prescribed in their new book, Sexperiment.

Two days after their book, Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse, is released Tuesday, the Youngs will take part in a 24-hour “bed-in,” which will be streamed on the book’s website as they engage the audience on issues related to intimacy in marriage.

The book encourages married couples to have sex for seven straight days – a challenge that made headlines in 2008 when Pastor Young first introduced it to his church – with the promise that the “amazing results” will last far beyond the week.

“Tragically, culture has kicked the bed out of church and God out of the bed,” says Ed Young, who has been “happily married” to Lisa for almost 30 years. “It’s time to bring God back in the bed and put the bed back in the church. That’s what this bed-in is all about.”

I wonder how young single Christians, widows and widowers cope in these churches. Some of these things are not even discussed by married pagans in the kind of forums that these pastors want to broadcast them. Is this how Evangelical pastors are handling themselves infront of their flock?

I can not imagine the Apostle Peter mounting a bed on a temple roof to demonstrate to the Hebrews and Jewish church how to sex up their lives. Or Priscilla and Aquila “heating up” the debate in Corinth (a place that had pagan temple prostitutes) by launching ‘sex sermon series’.

Are we sinking lower than Corinth? If every pastor opens up their bed room door where would we end up? I know sex really sells and draws crowds  but this exhibitionist behaviour is salacious, inappropriate and out of line!

Now the pagans are laughing at the name of Christ. What next down the road? This illusive search for the celebrated nakedness of man can never be echoed without realising that the fullness of morality is when man is clothed in an alien righteousness. A righteousness that is not his own but from Christ alone.  Where will this stream of young restless pseudo evangelicalism lead us?

Where did we ever get the notion that our sexuality is equivalent to godliness…. (sorry I couldn’t get the courage to finish this article). 😦


6 responses to “Pastor Ed Young out does Pastor Mark Driscoll with new book as he plans to stream himself from church roof (in bed)

  1. Joe January 8, 2012 at 20:29

    Acidri – Your blog is 100% garbage.

  2. kris January 9, 2012 at 20:33

    i feel like he is trying to connect with younger people. trying to make them see that the idea of “i have to sleep with them to know if i like them” is garbage…they are preaching about a married couple being intimate not some random people that aren’t in a holy union that is based on/in/with christ. look at the entire aspect or go to a service and see for yourself before judging

    • Acidri January 10, 2012 at 08:08

      Kris, sorry but I am a married man and I have no time to see another man in bed with his wife. Even if I wasn’t married I have a high view of keeping my mind pure from lust. What bible application is that again?

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