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Why are Mega churches resorting to finding “Church growth consultants” and “High Capacity People”?

The latest buzz in numbers of those flocking to a new church will always cause ears to prick up. The stats are certainly impressive, the buildings expensive, and the congregations expansive. And perhaps there is plenty of reason to be enthusiastic— lost people are attending weekend services. Isn’t it? But does the evangelistic philosophy behind the so-called “Church Growth Movement” match up to or follow the biblical model? Does it meet Scripture’s standards or does it fall short of God’s expectations? Where do “church growth consultants” come from and why do they insist on pastors identifying their number one asset “the high capacity person”? If all this is news to you FBC Jax watch dog explains….

Let’s start things off by looking at a 6-minute video produced by Jim Sheppard, the CEO of a consulting firm named “Generis”…

Jim produced the video [above] for an event called “The Nines” [in 2010], where 100 leaders gave 6-minute talks on the Internet to help church pastors… In his video, Jim explains to church leaders how they need to develop strategies for going after the very wealthy in their community, who he calls “the high capacity people”.

Here are some quotes from the video:

“…I’ve chosen one [strategy] that’s simple…it’s right under your nose. In fact my only fear is that it is so simple and maybe so obvious that you might not see the great potential that lies in it. The reason I chose it is that hardly any churches are doing it. And for the few that are, it is a game changer, I mean a TOTAL game changer. So here it is: I call it unleash. Simply put, it is releasing the full potential of the high capacity people God has placed in your church.”

He then goes on to make some valid points about how the “high capacity” people can be a valuable resource to the church in more ways than just financial.

Then he does give a disclaimer:

“Now…first and foremost, let me make one thing clear. This is not a money ploy. Though these people are probably among the most financially blessed in your church. This is not about reaching them for their money.”

Well, usually if some body  has to say “this is not a money ploy”, it just might be. And just when you thought all this is nonsense and no body (and no well meaning pastor) would take all these carnal and un biblical strategies seriously, have I got more news for you.

You probably haven’t heard about the latest seminar pulling and drawing mega church pastors and strategists. The “Funded and Free” seminar is on the horizon. Apparently the break outs from this seminar will be:

  • How to increase annual giving by 30%.
  • Helping your families win with their finances.
  • Best practices for engaging HIGH CAPACITY DONORS.
  • How to have a successful Capital campaign.

While opulent mega church pastors are spending sleepless nights thinking about high capacity donors, and how to expand the church franchise, the sheep (if there are any left) are withering and being starved of much needed sound doctrine. Reminds me of Paul’s letter to Timothy:

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs. 1Tim 6:10


6 responses to “Why are Mega churches resorting to finding “Church growth consultants” and “High Capacity People”?

  1. Pieter Stok March 21, 2012 at 06:26

    Why didn’t God think of this! He usually resorted to using the weak, young and insignificant. Even me!

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