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Dear pastors we need more servants than kings

There is never a quiet day in Evangelicalism. What? With the hordes of mega church pastors there is always one running a web cam of himself in bed on a church roof, another pleading with television executives to show him and his family on reality television or another promoting a dubious sermon series for church celebrities. Just when you thought we have had enough of these endless antics, another was crowned as king and paraded wrapped in a gawdy scroll. I kid you not. These servants of God pompous stooges will have you entertained at the expense of faithfully preaching the gospel. To the average pagan down the street this is enough fodder to impugn the name of Jesus Christ afterall aren’t pastors already dragging it in the mud? Well…

This week, Bishop Eddie Long, the pastor of suburban Atlanta’s megachurch New Birth Baptist Missionary Church, apologized to the Anti-Defamation League for partaking in a religious ceremony where he was wrapped in the Torah scroll, and paraded around his congregation as a newly appointed king. The Torah scroll in which the Bishop was wrapped was recovered from a concentration camp during the Holocaust.

Bishop Long, however, is no stranger to controversy. Two years ago, he settled out of court for sexual impropriety with four young male accusers, and just recently his wife filed for divorced.

Taken by itself, the degradation of the biblical doctrine where only Jesus Christ is king is nothing less than blasphemous.  And, if you are Jewish, the envelopment of a man in such a sacred text could be nothing short of offensive.

But the larger issue here is that men anointed by the church to these positions of power must realize that their public missteps have deeper implications that further impact the relevance of the [church].  Upon reflection, how does this recent incident also suggest that the chains of a one’s ego have a much stronger will over the freeing power of humility?

Gone are the days when preachers reverently stood in pulpits on sunday and boldly stepped out in the market place on Monday calling sinners to repentance before a Holy God. Have they lost the moral mandate? Or has the interest in preaching the word of God waned in our day and time?

Where have the faithful servants of The Most High God gone? Why do we have too many hirelings?


5 responses to “Dear pastors we need more servants than kings

  1. Pieter Stok February 9, 2012 at 01:34

    I never cease to be surprised … and saddened.

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