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Bible Trivia: 10 Questions to Test your Bible Knowledge.

Well, if you are ready and armed with a Bible then here we go with a few easy trivia questions 😉

A: What is the shortest verse in the Old Testament?

B: Where in the Bible do you find a father who had 88 children?

C: Saul was the first king of Israel.  Who was the second? (It wasn’t David)

D: Who is the only person in the Old Testament mentioned as being buried in a coffin?

E: How many times does Eve’s name appear in Genesis?

F: Who are the only three angels mentioned in the Bible by name?

G: Who had a vision of one angel running to meet another?

H: The word “God” appears in every book of the Bible except in which two books?

I: Where is the longest verse in the bible?

J: Which verse in the Bible contains all letters of the alphabet except Q?

How did you do? Please check for the answers here.


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