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Amillennialism Chart

An interesting chart from an Amillennial perspective to eschatology (amillennialchart pdf)

HT The Riddleblog.


Christian in Georgia factory fired for refusing (666) mark of the beast

Imagine this for a second. I have been a devout Christian for the whole of my life. I am now withered and have no strength in me.  Slumped in my death bed in a rural hospital (somewhere in Boinga Boinga island), the nurse and the wretched doctors stamp the mark of the beast (or better still a Tim Lahaye styled bar code on my forehead). Does that single act of notoriety undo my salvation? Does the creature that the Holy Spirit “regenerated” all of a sudden backslide and become “unregenerate”? Does “the elect” become “reprobate”? Does “the disciple” become “apostate”?  Does my name (in Heaven) suddenly get rubbed out of the Book of life with giant pencil as heaven mourns my inadvertent loss? Well, recently
A Georgia factory worker claims in a federal lawsuit that he was fired after he refused to wear a `666′ sticker he feared would doom him to eternal damnation.
Billy E. Hyatt claims he was fired from Pliant Corp., a plastics factory in northern Georgia near Dalton, after he refused to wear a sticker proclaiming that his factory had been accident-free for 666 days. That number is considered the “mark of the beast” in the Bible’s Book of Revelation describing the apocalypse.
Hyatt, who said he’s a devout Christian, had worked for the north Georgia plastics company since June 2007 and like other employees wore stickers each day that proclaimed how long the factory had gone without an accident. …Read More!

Eschatology: Harold Goes Camping…

In the Old Testament when a prophet fore told an event, he had to be sure that his God would make good on his prophesy. If he lied he would be stoned -to death. When he boldly spoke the words, “Thus sayeth the Lord…” every one listened with bated breath for the very words of God to proceed hence forth. Enter Harold Camping as the 21st century herald of God’s latest revelation outside of scripture. Apparently God was deciding to go against what the bible says (in that no body knows the day or the hour of Christ’s second coming apart from the Father in Heaven) by revealing sacred numerals to one special man in California that 21st of May 2011 is the D-day. (Yes, atleast it’s three days after my birthday :-)). Here are some thoughts that traversed my mind too…

Argh! Sold Every thing And Left Behind Again?

Can you imagine what it will be like for Campingites around the world …Listening to the news, waiting to hear about earthquakes at 6pm all around the world? Maybe saying goodbye to loved ones? Giving away personal items, all the time, wondering….

I listened to two NPR reports on Camping’s prophecy today, and it was truly disheartening to listen to these folks. One lady had been about to enroll in medical college, but did not, so that she could warn people about “Judgment Day.” Another man had left wife and children behind, as they did not “believe.” A couple, the woman expecting their second child in June, were interviewed. They had given up everything, and had just enough money to make it till May 21. After that…well, they will be destitute. The New York Post just reported on a man who squandered his $140,000 life’s savings to buy advertisements in the New York area promoting the May 21 prophecy. Can you imagine the chuckles of all those going to work on Monday the 23rd as they pass those advertisements? Thanks, Mr. Camping.

Well, are you ready? Even those living in a pretty sheltered world are starting to …Well There’s More

In The Twinkling of An Eye!

A small goofy hunch back office intern with heavy black-rimmed glasses scampers into a phone booth and closes the door. Then the moment of dramatic prose is shattered as a seven foot tall, square jawed gentleman, now a glistening man of steel with bulging and rippling muscles and sleek combed-back hair with deep piercing eyes kicks aside the rickety glass door. Tada! Transformed in the twinkling of an eye the super hero has come to save the damsel in distress. In comic literature the moment of transformation occurs at the height of the story as the battle between good and bad reaches its hiatus.

Looking at the news headlines today we read of diseases and epidemics, financial constraints and recessions, devastating earth quakes, Tsunamis and threats of global warming are the fodder of both red top tabloids and conservative dailies. God in his sovereignity has underlined the fact that tomorrow is promised to no man. We are constantly being reminded of the fickle nature of life and man’s mortality since the fall. A recurring question has always been , ‘why does God allow such suffering and why do bad things happen to good people?’ Read More