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Why Telling Kids To Abstain From Sex in Order To Avoid Pregnancy Must Stop.

My good friend and theologian Jim West has decided to draw the line in the sand on that issue of abstinence and pregnancy and where the moral line lies. So, shouldn’t the church be urging kids to abstain from fornication to avoid pregnancy and nasty sexually transmitted diseases? Well Jim raises the bar higher than that…

For Christians, for the Church, such a reason is totally inadequate and totally inappropriate.  More correctly, teens and unmarried persons should abstain from sexual activity because such activity is contrary to the purpose and will of God and is in fact sin.

When we tell people to abstain in order to avoid pregnancy we make the commandment of God of no account.  This is utterly inexcusable for Christians, theologians and the Church.

The ‘practical’ reason for abstinence, the avoidance of an unwanted child, is a reason completely foreign …Read More!