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What next after Sloshfest? Don’t we need another fad to lead us out of Christianity?

A recent ministry update reported on a yet new move of the “Holy Ghost”. Indeed this was a newer move by all ranks as it was reported. The revival meeting started with the man of God exhorting believers as to how God in these last days wants to fill them with the new wine of the Holy Ghost. Before long it was Happy Hour and it was claimed the congregation was doused in “Godka,” “God-wiser” and puffing the glory cloud, “Jehovah-wanna.” He mentioned how the drug culture is simply a counterfeit and unholy substitute for real supernatural experience with the Lord.

How far Evangelicalism has fallen to begin to revel in fancy mystic manifestations and unbridled excesses of self gratification! …Read More!

Sorry to burst your bubble. Thats not Jesus on your cheese, receipt, door or Nintendo!

Every week somebody runs to the news papers with a chunk of bacon, half eaten pizza and wet patch on a nappy claiming to see the face of Jesus. Yes, they say it is the very face of the Lord Jesus Christ. It almost seems to be a sure way of getting attention these days. If I were to line up and sell all the things in my house (let alone the kitchen) that appeared like a hungry man with stringy iron filings for a beard I would be a rich man in two days!

Lupita la Bourdette said one such image appeared to her on the screen door leading into her home. Well…

“This is something that people have to see to believe,” la Bourdette, a Catholic, told KRGV reporters. “When I saw it, I wanted to cry. It impressed me so much.”

The resident of Pharr, Texas, said the image of Jesus and his mother Mary, whom she says appears to be holding a baby, showed up on the metal screen six years ago, shortly after she had a dream in which a little girl told her to pray for the world because “a lot of bad things are going to happen.” …Read More!

Popular Nashville Pastor Now Seeks Lions and African Beasts to Revamp Sermons

When a pastor lightens up on theology, the sufficience of scripture becomes secondary and its not long before he begins to delve into dubious schemes to keep people coming to church. Needless to say, Tennesse must be the one place where its hard to keep a congregation unless your pastor is talking about his “smokin’ hot wife” at a NASCAR race or foraging through an African jungle for exciting beasts:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – One of Nashville’s best known churches has been looking around for a lion and a whole bunch of other African animals. Members of Cornerstone Church in the Madison area won’t be surprised.

“We often use God’s creatures to tell stories,” said Senior Pastor Maury Davis. Sunday services at Cornerstone sometimes look like a circus with Pastor Davis as the ringleader.

From his office on the campus of the mega-church just off I-65, the often unconventional pastor listed all the wild beasts that have served as props in his sermons.

“Giraffes, pigs, parrots, zebras, parrots–even snakes,” smiled Davis. …Read More!

Challenges of A Twenty First Century Pastor

With newer versions of the Bible coming out every week, some changing references to God to gender neutral pronouns while others adding and deleting whole portions of scripture, is n’t it endless the mountain of references we would like to alter to make us feel cosier…abit more self righteous? Less sinful, perhaps… …Read More!

Conspiracy of Hush-Hush and Nudge-Nudge Among Charismatic Leaders?

So many Christians are confused by the theology and the experiences of Charismatic people. This cannot be avoided as they are the most medially visible expression of “Christianity” thanks to Christian television providing such a tremendous platform in the last fifty years. To critique Charismatic doctrine or practice is commonly viewed as inherently unloving, inherently unkind, inherently divisive and even blasphemous. And could it be that this disregard for brotherly correction has led to the autonomous leaders who are now descending to extremes of moral and scriptural depravity?

This honestly soul searching article has been excerpted from the latest issue of Charisma Magazine; it is a must read for Charismatic leaders [as well as non- Charismatics]…

The church has had enough spin, denial and closed-door settlements. Leaders must demonstrate humility and repentance.

A few years ago a minister in my city went through a divorce, and the messy details of the settlement between the pastor and his wife were reported in our newspaper. But when the divorce was finalized there was no public statement. The man’s wife disappeared from the stage, her photo vanished from the church website and nothing further was said. Zip. Nada. No comment.

The message: It’s none of your business what happened between the pastor and his wife. He’s the anointed messenger of God. Just follow him. …Read More!