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Christian News and Issues: Bits and pieces from around the world….

NEWSThis is a new development and may hopefully be a regular feature of this blog as we bring you news, mission reports, prayer concerns  and mundane pieces from around the world.

  • Botswana clamps down on rogue charismatic and prosperity preachers. After seeing a rise in pastors promising miracles in the forms of successful marriages, work promotions, financial freedom, children for the barren –  the government of Botswana has decided to put up some drastic measures.Will these new measures affect genuine doctrinally sound preachers too?
  • Cleansing of Iraq’s Christians reaches its end game. There is much to pray for as a nation descends into chaos.  The ruthlessness of ISIS, an offshoot of al-Qaeda, has been legendary. Its beheadings, crucifixions and other atrocities toward Christians and everyone else who fails to conform to its vision of a caliphate have been on full display. Will you continue to pray for this country?
  • Scotland police drop charges against two Christian evangelists who were arrested for allegedly using “offensive language” in Dundee and Perth. Clearly there is a pressing need for the Police to work with street preachers to come up with guidelines on ‘best practice’ for police services to ensure that officers on the beat do not take away the fundamental freedom of Christians to do open air evangelism -reports Christian Concern.
  • Reformation Montana starts on 19th June to 21 June 2014. Reformation Montana is an affiliation of like-minded churches and individuals that cooperate for the purpose of sending missionaries from Montana and the surrounding regions to the rest of the world.
  • Indiana  church introduces speedier church services. Will this reach the unchurched? -asks Christian Post or better still will this feed the Christians?
  • A pastors’ retreat in Yumbe (Uganda) ended on a high note. Yumbe is a place with very high numbers of fundamentalist muslims and hardly any Christians but there seems to be some untold  joy among the pastors who daily face machete attacks and death threats -reports Reaching Africa’s Unreached.

A day in the life of a street preacher (Tony Miano) in Modern England.

Tony Miano had an opportunity to do some street preaching in downtown Wimbledon (London). The passage of scripture he was preaching from was 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12 in his Bible (a passage on sexual immorality). However he did not reach the benediction…. Here is his account of the events:

I asked the jail sergeant on Monday night [July 1st], as I was being released, if I could donate some Bibles to the police station jail. He said I could. Bobby McCreery and I went to the Metropolitan Tabernacle book store where I purchased ten Bibles. Bobby and I went to the police station and dropped them off. Today’s visit [July 4th] to the police station was far more enjoyable than our visit on Monday night. — in Wimbledon. -Tony Miano (via FB)

(There is a good discussion going on at Cranmer’s blog look at the comments section here)


The Secret of Making a Leather Buffalo-Hide Open Air Bible.

I have loved this gentle man’s Buffalo hide bible ever since I laid eyes on it. It looks different…almost bullet proof. The artistry and ingenuity in making it weather resistant is so simple yet has to be meticulously done. It’s good that some body 😉 bugged the gentleman enough to take a few minutes to finally reveal his secrets.
Much more than any thing I do appreciate what the owner of the bible gets to do. He is an open air preacher who loves sharing his faith and reading from the bible. More on his ministry here.


Should an Evangelist belong to a Church?

Crown Rights Media takes you behind the scenes while asking a street preacher (Tony Miano) a few hard questions on open air or street preaching. It’s worth the 4 minutes:

Conviction at the water front

For some reason I love this evangelism clip. It goes step by step in a conversational manner in introducing the gospel. Watch this:

Mark Spence and Tony “The Lawman” Miano found this young man on the waterfront, in Long Beach (CA), during Ambassadors’ Academy #1. …Read More!

Street Preaching: The Problem with the modern Gospel

At an open-air gospel event, at Cerritos College. A student by the name of Jason stood up to address the crowd. Jason, a supposed professing Christian, began to preach a false gospel of “God has a wonderful plan for your life.” What you will see in this video are two very different messages as Tony Miano corrects Jason in love.

They Did Not Expect To Die That Day

This interesting street preaching clip has a harrowing truth in it (and also the gospel)! It probably carries alot more theology than may be heard in some churches these days. Listen in….


Mark Cahill

Mark Cahill recently went nuclear. Leaving behind him a mushroom cloud of raised eyebrows and a hushed silence. His article  decrying  The Doctrines of Grace titled Calvinism and the Bible has been a cause of concern in many evangelical circles. Colin Maxwell graciously put together this wholesome rebuttal as a gentle answer.

Mr Cahill seems to err in a number of main areas, as documented below:

1) Where he is obviously ignorant about what Calvinism teaches e.g. he seems to be unaware that Calvinism believes that man has a will that chooses and is responsible for its actions.

2) Where he attributes things to Calvinism which it does not hold. e.g. that the call to repent in Matthew 4:17 is addressed only to the elect.

3) In his salvic application of his disagreements – if Calvinism is Galatians 1 ground (as he claims at the end of his article) then he has just damned in hell many of the greatest Christians who ever lived, including many of the translators of the KJV, Spurgeon, Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards etc., As I point out, if he is wrong (the “if” of argument, not of doubt) then he damns more people than Calvinism was ever supposed to do. (Although Calvinism only damns those who will not believe and no one else.) There’s More