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I Beseech Euodias And Syntyche To Agree In The Lord

When I get to heaven by the grace of the Lord, I want to hunt down two Bible characters and let them know that their names were embedded in Holy writ for having a squabble. I truly wonder what Euodias and Syntyche (nice names, uh?) were in disagreement about (Phil 4:2). What do we do when we run against euodiasian or syntycherous views in church? Here is a little wisodm for life on how to draw a distinction between a debatable or disputable matter…

A debatable or disputable matter (Romans 14:1) is an area of behavior, doctrine or tradition on which Christians disagree because a specific biblical absolute does not regulate it. It is therefore a matter of personal preference not divine command. These matters belong to the category of Christian freedom or liberty. …Read More!