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You Could Be A Closet Pelagian If….

Pelagianism is the theological doctrine propounded by Pelagius, a British monk, and was condemned as heresy by the Church in 416 A.D. It denied original sin and affirmed the ability of humans to be righteous by the exercise of free will.  Here are ten clues you may be a closet Pelagian (Don’t scrowl at me I didn’t write them):

skeleton in closet

10. You believe that God has done His part, now you have to do yours.

9. You believe that every time you repent, God wipes your slate clean.

8. You believe that people are saved because they responded to an altar call.

7. You believe that it is unfair for God to command things people can’t do.

6. You believe that God helps those who help themselves.

5. You fear that the Rapture might take place before you get a chance to repent of your latest lapse from Christian character.

4. You think the Book of Life is written in pencil.

3. You feel compelled to remind everyone that obedience is necessary lest they think that because salvation is of grace and not works, grace is a license for sin.

2. John Wesley is your hero.

1. You believe Charles Finney was the greatest evangelist of all time.

Excerpt from Reasons to suspect yourself of Pelagianism. (HT Andy Underhile)


5 responses to “You Could Be A Closet Pelagian If….

  1. Rebecka April 26, 2011 at 14:29

    I was saved many many years ago when I was worldly dumb and Bible ignorant.
    I still say it was God who did it all.

  2. Phillip Munroe June 11, 2011 at 12:35

    I disagree I think the article should be titled closet Arminian rather than closet Pelagian.

    Take pt. 10 for example. A Pelagian doesn’t think God has to do ANYthing, whereas the Arminian believes you do your part once God has done his part. It is more synergistic than the monergism of man found in Pelagianism.

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