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A Twisted Crown of Thorns: Top 10 Posts of The Year

Well its the end of another beautiful year. The year 2011 has had momentuous events. There have been times when the proverbial writer’s block kicked in and snuffed out all humor and satire.  There were times when I seemed to spend more time on line than with family. There were times when I thought the blog seemed to take on a life of its own.

Without further ado, I will open up the innards of this blog and show you the top most articles you all devoured and enjoyed this past year (plus the ones that were left unread). I sure do hope (as the West Minster Shorter catechism says) that reading this blog has led you closer to your ultimate purpose in life: To glorify God and enjoy him for ever.

6. Clueless Worshipers Wake up to Find They Have Been Double Crossed at The Crossing

5. One left dead as not ya Grand ma’s church (GUTS Church) launches Ultimate Fight Night.

4. The Timely Last Words of David Wilkerson

3. Did Veggie Tales prove that you can teach kids to behave Christianly without teaching them Christianity?

2. Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani’s letter from prison to his church members.

1. Well You Might Just Be A Calvinist If…

Though in all fairness I have learnt a lot more from the posts that were least read than one can say. The least read post in 2011 was: What to look for in a good church. While the most commented on post has always been I Got Saved Today…

Writing is a passion and a delight. Though many times I use satire to illustrate the irony in man’s ways, there have been times when I myself have been caught off guard. Speaking of which, one of the most confusing concepts I found in church marketing was featured in the post: Krunking it up: Youth Pastors Gone Wild!

Blogging has also been a tool for me to chronicle my naive growth (as a Reformed Christian) in theology and understanding God. My painful journey has brought many others from different walks of life to cross my path. Their stories have moved me to tears and joy at the same time. Such was the case when I featured Kathy’s story: Hijab Wearing Lady Hears About Grace of God.

Do not for a moment think I always have a triumphant smile while writing. Nay! The one post that made me get emotional and I almost deleted it at the last moment was Dementia: Will I still remember the gospel in that dark hour? I had to attend two funeral soon after this post. The funerals were for church members who were elderly and suffering with dementia.  Severe dementia!

I may have been critical of certain individuals and very stern in pointing out the errors in their ways. The reason for this being purely and motivated by love. Love to see truth and the gospel seperated from pragmatism and man centredness. Love to see a high view of God.

Wait a minute! Before I drone on and on, I have highlighted 11 posts!  Well as they say what would 2011 be with out the number 11. (Hee hee another faulty hermeneutic gem! 😉 )

Last but not least, they say  it wouldn’t be a year’s review with out a man of the year. Or a personality of the year. Or an achievement of the year, right? Well,  go to the popular blogs that pander to the hankerings of the masses and feature such non sense. I’m paddling up stream and not with the flow.

  Soli deo gloria!


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